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tip for bypassing the new york times's paywall 

if you need to read a new york times article, try pasting the URL into

It might take a while if they haven't saved a snapshot already, but it does work. It probably works on other paywalls as well, but I haven't tried much because NYT is the one I encounter most frequently

( works too, but doesn't seem to load the images)

Tip on replying 

If replying to a thread with many people, it is easier to read if you include all the secondary people at the end of the message. This makes it easier to read on many people including screen reader users. For example.

Let's pretend I am replying to a thread with more than three recipiants. I want them to see the reply, too, but want to make it easier for others to read.

Instead of,

@mastodonuser@instance1 @mastodonuser@instance2 @mastodonuser@instance 3 that is a great idea!

It would be easier to read it if it were like this.

@mastodonuser@instance1 That is a great idea! I really like this toot a lot! @mastodonuser@instance2 @mastodonuser@instance 3

Same for hashtags. If hashtags are at the end, that makes Toots easier to read as well.

#FediTips #Fediverse #MastoTips #NewHere #Mastodon #Accessibility #A11y

Did you call your mother on this Mother's Day that is today?

If you're on good terms with her, that is.
I suppose if you're not on good terms with her, you could call her to tell her you're doing just fine without her.

FYI for newbies 

Twitter has algorithms to get you engaged. Mastodon does not. So in order to enjoy Mastodon you have to take some time to reach out and find content and follow folks that you enjoy. Don't expect Mastodon to send you random popular posts to keep you engaged, you have to curate your own feed. But this is good! It gives you control.

The problem with the internet that no one is talking about.
(When did we all stop being artists and became content creators, living and creating for the algorithms instead?)

323 5/6


One day, people are going to stop acting like you can just chat any old shit and not get moved to for chatting shit.

You lot really love it when people don’t rise or respond to your rubbish because you expect people to just take it lying down.

You people are precisely the reason why there’s more of an onus on the response rather than the antagonist.

Today I head back to PHX from PDX.

Bittersweet. I loved seeing my family. Miss my S.O., my bed.

322 4/6


I think I'm done dining out for a while. This trip had ruined me. Don't get me wrong - I had some tasty food, but there were days at a stretch where it was all restaurant or take-out. I made some healthy choices in there, but quite a few unhealthy alternative choices were made.

i find it funny how the christian right-wing are always like "we must ban abortion because life begins in the womb" when their own fucking bible says life begins at the first breath (Genesis 2:7)

Are you Pro-Life or are you Pro-Birth? I am willing to bet most are pro-BIRTH.
Sister Joan Chittister said it and I agree:

To the dude napping peacefully at the Wireless kiosk in the mall, I feel you bro. We've all been there. 😴

I'm brand new to the #fediverse. Woohoo! I feel like I should be focusing more on my studies, but hey, I've been wanting to learn more about decentralized apps for a while now. Glad I stumbled upon this platform!

Here's hoping that this leads to meeting people who will help me grow, and helps me to learn more about the digital universe at large. Toot toot! πŸŽ‰

#noob #queer #lgbt

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