I love hearing the little noises my chickens make when they're feasting on scratch I've thrown down for them. It reminds me of the Family Guy James Woods bit, "Ooh. Piece of candy. Ooh. Piece of candy..."

I was later than usual in letting the girls out of the coop this morning. To make amends, I grabbed a about 1/2 cup of wriggling, crunchy outside, chewy inside mealworms.

I knelt down to let them "have at it" and our Green Queen, Freddie, causally walked up, saw the mass of moving mealworms, grabbed the cup in her beak and ran off.
It was almost the perfect crime.
She'd have gotten away with it if Sue, our Brahma hadn't gotten in her way.

Once they realized the breeze was back, they all have gravitated towards the fan. The old one couldn't take the heat, also was old.

We also raised meat chickens and have 3 mostly feral hens that we got too old to make friendly - A Barnevelder, "Barnie" and 2 Welsummers, "Michonne" and "Maggie".
Welsummers are often reffered to as the "zombie apocalypse chickens" because in the event of said apocalypse they'd be able to forage and survive on their own. Hence, their Walking Dead names.

Fowlecia. We let a family friend's kids name her. She's a flighty and annoying, and usually the 1st one we put back in the coop. The name fits.

Patti If she's not happy, nobody is happy. Named after a coworker with a similar personality. If any coworkers ask, we'll tell them she'll be a chicken patty if she gets out of line.

Sue/"Big Bird" She's going to be the biggest raptor in our flock when she grows up. My wife, not sold on the name, calles her "Big Bird"

Olive Oyl. Being an Olive Egger, the smallest and thinnest of the 8 and with her black feathers and a tuft on her head like a bun, the name just seemed right.

Freddy is all fluff. Named for Freddy Mercury of Queen. My wife and I dislike each other's taste in music, but Queen is the one exception.

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