May 18, 1980.
I was almost 10 yrs old when Mt St Helens blew, 42 years ago today.

My grandparents collected ash from Mt St Helens. It ranges from silt like ash that fell in Portland, Oregon, where I lived, to the course pumace found closer to ground zero.

I've had the vials of ash with me always, rubber banded together and stashed.
I 3D printed a topo map of Mt St Helens, designed & printed a rack to hold the tubes, secured the print in a nice frame and here we are.

fingers crossed that the CoreXY printer I want gets the Black Friday price treatment. Even if it doesn't I'm still getting it.

I am never not using Octoprint again.
All other features aside, i haven't had to futz with an SD card in over a week and at least half dozen prints.

Ikea "Billy" assembled (only waiting on 2 more shelves).
Bought it thinking it held 4 spools per shelf. Surprised to find out we miscalculated and it will hold 5 per shelf!
Quick and dirty designed a roll stopper (to literally stop the spools from rolling) printed in transparent white.

Shiny low poly chicken is shiny.
Test run of silk silver PLA to see how it plays with light, before committing to a 24+ hour print of a high detail topo map.

Assembling a model as a kid: Broken piece? If it was a significant piece and you couldn't glue it or otherwise hide the fubar, you were kinda screwed.

Assembling a model when you have a 3D printer:
Broken piece? Hi-ho! Print another!

What a time to be alive.

Overture filament has been driving me nuts. Adhesion problems (on textured bed even), crappy prints more than not.

But i think i found the magic formula:

210Β° and slow down to 40mm/s.
So far, all the things have printed great.

Also, Overture gives off a very, uhm, "chunky vibe" - that's the best way i can describe it.

Overture PLA is "chunky".
By far the most difficult I've worked with, from cheap to not so cheap filaments.
I'll finish using it, but won't recommend it. I'll stick to my tried and trues.

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