The side mount spool holder I printed looked like it would give way at any moment. I feel better about this one.

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7yrs ago I started using @adam classic technique for rude charity workers.

Printed my first thing using tree supports. Holy moly I'm going to use them whenever possible.

Also new PEI sheet, I'm sorry I didn't get you in the beginning

As I've gotten older, I have come to appreciate the awesomeness of naps after work.

"Spirituality that is expressed is not spirituality"
Un-named Shaolin Monk (courtesy of Shaolin Monk, Ranton on the YouTube)

Lastest modifications (they're not really upgrades) to the Ender 3v2.

My lanyard from The Before Times now keeps cables out of the way.
After trying several different designs for a filament guide, I went with the simplest in the end. My BL-Touch has an aesthetically pleasing cover

Don't be a cheapskate and buy filament because it was "a good deal!"
I bought a 4 pack and the filament has failed more than succeeded.
Like silly string factory explosion failures.
I bought 1 spool for the same price as those 4 together. 100% success.

Adhesion is my nemesis.
Tomorrow, 3d print adhesive sticks arrive!

Adhesion is the key.
Get that zero layer to stick and you're probably golden. and learning as I go.
The area around the printer looks like a silly string factory exploded.

The down side of living in : any work to be done outside, during spring and summer, you either have to be prepared to cook or get it done before noon.

First print!
I don't even know if it's right. I went from leveling straight to "print the things on the included sd card"

Set of the new fangled credentials and swag and s paperback copy of The Gospel.
Hardback edition on back order.

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